4 Effective Uses of Tea Tree Oil

uses of tea tree oil

By ZVOksana

Tea tree oil is one of the best alternatives to over-the-counter beauty supplies, and it even works better than most of the non-natural beauty products on the market. Tea tree oil is found in an Australian plant called the Melaleuca alternifolia and added into many different types of beauty supplies such as shampoo, lotions, and even toothpaste. Tea tree oil has natural bacteria killing, anti-fungal, cleansing, and moisturizing properties, and is a great beauty tool to have in any household, because it’s gentle, natural, and can be used for many purposes.


Acne sufferers, I’m sure you’ve heard of an acne treatment called benzoyl peroxide which can be harsh on the skin, but it still manages to successfully battle acne. Why risk drying out your skin with the rough benzoyl peroxide when you could use tea tree oil for acne, which is just as effective as 5% benzoyl peroxide? A study conducted at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Australia tested 124 acne inflicted patients with tea tree oil. Half were instructed to apply tea tree oil to their skin for a set period of time, and the other half were directed to apply tea tree oil to their skin for the same amount of time. Both were said to aid acne, but tea tree oil worked slightly slower than benzoyl peroxide and also produced less side effects.


Do you fear wearing black shirts because of your dandruff problem? Is dandruff wrecking the beauty of your hair? Dandruff shampoos are infamous for drying out hair, and not even producing sufficient results. Tea tree oil is a more natural alternative. What most usually do is mix tea tree oil with their regular shampoo, or they swab tea tree oil directly onto their scalp (this can prevent the oil from drying out your hair). You can also use this together with jojoba oil. To get rid of dandruff with tea tree oil, it takes patience and persistence, but results will come.

Melt Away Warts

When I was 13, I got my first boyfriend. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last long because I refused to take it a step further and hold his hand. No, I wasn’t afraid of holding his hand. What he didn’t know was that I had warts! Warts are one of the most physically unappealing things you can grow on your body, and if I knew sooner that tea tree oil could get rid of then the relationship could have lasted. About a year after that incident, I finally discovered that tea tree oil could cure warts efficiently. Just by placing a drop of tea tree oil on your wart and covering it with a band-aid, you can successfully get rid of the wart or warts, improve the beauty of your hands, and boost your self confidence when you want to hold the hand of that “special someone”.

Hair Growth

The key to hair growth is a healthy scalp and hair, and tea tree oil can do that! With the use of tea tree oil, hair has the potential to grow stronger and much more rapidly. By disinfecting and unblocking hair follicles, tea tree oil successfully helps hair grow to the length you desire. Even if you’re balding, tea tree oil can help.

A small amount of tea tree oil can do wonders for your beauty for a price much lower than over-the-counter medications. Sometimes, the best beauty supplies are hidden inside of nature, and tea tree oil is certainly one of the best you can find. With gentle bacteria killing and moisturizing properties, tea tree oil is great for bringing out the natural beauty in you.

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/strph/92449277

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