Shea Butter – A Multipurpose Natural Beauty Product

There are countless of products out-there in the market that can tremendously benefit your face, skin, and hair, but there is one particular buzz-worthy product that has been around for centuries that seems to provide more benefits than any other natural product available in stores: shea butter.

A Natural Beauty Product Fit For Queens

Since ancient Egypt, shea butter has been part of the skin care regimens of millions and millions of women and men around the globe, as it is known to contain a handful of beneficial outcomes from the daily use of it. It was used by the mentally strong Egyptian queen Cleopatra and by the thoughtful Egyptian queen Nefertiti. Both of these queens used this butter, which is made from the nuts of the African shea tree, to protect their bodies from the high sun temperatures and to make their skin softer.

There are countless of products out-there in the market that contain shea butter as one of their ingredients. However, if you want to see a noticeable positive change on your skin, it is best that you opt to purchase a product that states to contain 100% raw shea butter.

A Skin Superfood

Shea butter is composed of essential fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin D, and provitamin A, which makes it a skin super-food. Were you aware that this antioxidant-rich product can be used on the body as a shaving cream? It also protects the skin from dehydration, heals minor cuts, heals minor burns, heals muscle aches, protects from UV, strengthens the skin, stimulates microcirculation, moisturizes deep into the skin, and it can even help diminish scars.

A Potent Hair Moisturizer

You can even use it on your hair; shea butter can revitalize hair that is dull, falling, dry, damaged, or limp. If you apply it to your hair and leave it on it for at least 30 minutes, you’ll see that your tresses will become supple and shiny right away. Applying shea butter on your locks one or two times a week can save you lot of money, as you won’t need to visit your hair stylist, as often.

Shea Butter for Face and Skin

Since shea butter is replete with countless of nutrients, it can be used on the face, as well, as it can protect it from drying winds, stimulate collagen production, regenerate skin, diminish wrinkles, correct dark spots, diminish fine lines, heal eczema, heal psoriasis, heal rashes, and heal hives. How great is that?

What About Stretch Marks?

Whether a woman develop stretch marks or not is usually due to genetics and not what cream they apply during or before their belly gets bigger. However, many mums firmly believe that it was using shea butter during their pregnancy that helped prevent stretch marks from developing. If this is something you want to try, be sure to get 100% shea butter and not something with added ingredients.

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