Desert Essence 100% Pure Jojoba Oil Review

desert essence 100 percent pure jojoba oil review

I recently got another bottle of Desert Essence 100% Pure Jojoba Oil from iHerb and thought I should do a review of it. I’ve used up so many bottles of this that I’m not afraid to outright recommend it but read on for photos, uses, as well as some tips.

Ingredients: 100% jojoba oil (that’s all there is!) This jojoba oil is a great product and an essential item in my skin care regimen. I use it as a moisturizer although there are many other ways that you can use it. Most moisturizers on the market contain too many ingredients and some of these ingredients can cause an allergic reaction or give you a breakout. If your skin is sensitive to regular moisturizers, pure jojoba oil is a great alternative.

Pure, unrefined, cold-pressed and affordable

What I really like about Desert Essence’s Jojoba Oil is that it’s 100% pure, unrefined, cold-pressed and affordable. Whether you get this particular brand or some other brand, you’ll want to make sure that you are getting just the unrefined oil in its pure form and not anything with other chemicals or fragrance.

The oil should be a transparent yellow / golden color. Anything that is completely colorless has been refined and you don’t want that. Here’s how it looks like outside the bottle: jojoba oil on cotton square It’s also important to get it cold-pressed to make sure the oil isn’t extracted with nasty chemicals or subjected to high temperatures.

Finally, don’t buy something overpriced. I’m not sure why but jojoba oil tends to get marked up really high by spas and salons. Really, a 4oz bottle shouldn’t cost more than $20. And luckily, this one is under $10. Since the oil doesn’t go bad for a long time, I usually buy in bulk here to get a better discount. But if you just want to try it out, you may want to get a single 2oz bottle instead.

Some ways to use the oil

Here are some ways that I use the Desert Essence jojoba oil. You can find a complete list of uses here.

  • To remove makeup: put some on a cotton square and gently wipe your makeup off; removes waterproof eyeliner/mascara
  • For moisturizing face and body: one drop for face, and as much as you need for the rest of your body
  • For hair: a few drops to smooth out frizzy hair; you can also use it before swimming to coat and protect your hair

That’s all for my review! If you found it useful, feel free to share it below or leave a comment. Thank you!

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